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August 21, 2014


Brook, this is beautifully written. I am very impressed at how you have so courageously dealt with this disorder. I have wondered, over the past few weeks, how meditation and breathing might help me dispel tension and stress accumulated over two years of Nadine's disintegration. And of course, the deep sadness and sense of loss that accompanies the death of one loved so deeply. It sounds like you have mastered it. Perhaps you could share the secret. Thx

Beautiful, bold, powerful, inspiring, hopeful and edifying. Thank you for sharing!! I am so grateful to be reminded of the Saviors love and mission.

Oh Brook, so beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for giving life to so many around you. This is beautiful.

I continue to be so impressed by you. I was just thinking how I've been sad that I "wasted" the time I had in Utah and the opportunities I had to connect with you but I also have to remember that even though I didn't meet with you as often as I would have liked, I would not know you at all had I not gone to Utah. And that is a big blessing in deed! :) xo

i'm so happy we met! i'm sure you will be back to visit and we can get together!

I'm just now reading this entry months after you wrote it. So happy this found me late rather than never. Tears as I write. For decades now you have inspired me. I love you so much. Thank you for helping me remember to find my breath of life. Again and again. Every day.

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