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January 12, 2011


Thanks Brook. Just what I needed this morning.

I just left a long comment. Then I previewed it. And it disappeared.

Computers, I fail thee.

Anyway, my point was that we (as a culture of women who disdain Judging) feel compelled to judge Martha, or Mary, or both. But I think the take-home of this story is that part about being Cumbered. What is it that Cumbers me today? That thing that gets in my way of sitting at the feet of the Lord... that is what I need to resolve - either by ignoring it, or by getting it done early in the day. Because, you know, He was coming over for dinner...

This post is so insightful and captures the essence of the challenge of the Mormon mother. This will be so helpful for my next Relief Society lesson. Your daily posts have been so uplifting. Your personal gratitude exercise is reaching beyond your own home. Thank you Brook!

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