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December 29, 2008


the word i chose is GRACE
a sweet friend of mine faced with a hurtful situation brought on by a person she considered a friend said to me, "i just want to handle the situation with grace" - what a great example! So - GRACE is my word of the year. we'll have to see how well i do with this - especially having to tie this in with my day to day dealings of a teenage boy - i'm really setting myself up! but, i think i can, i think i can...................

Without doing a lot of soul searching (sometimes my best ideas come naturally at the beginning) - I choose CELEBRATE!
I have so many things to to embrace, to enjoy and to celebrate! Wonderful children and grandchildren that I am so proud of. A great time of life to have freedom to take off and enjoy what the world has to offer. Celebrate the fact that we have many big projects that are nearly completed and that we'll have more time to celebrate each day.

Wow. I think that is a great word for you! I always get such a lift after reading your blog. :o) I will have to think on what my word will be. Hopefully I can look past the word "survive" that is staring me in the face on many days. :o)

Wait--(no, that's not my word)--just to clarify: You are walking around with a poster around your neck? Mounted on a necklace? I hope it's an aerodynamic poster, or you might have a hard time even bending over, let alone soaring! ;)

(Love you!!) ML

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